At Total Fence Inc., we provide our clients with secure, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing commercial fences, at a cost-conscious price. Our goal is simple: to listen to your needs, whatever they may be. As a leading fence company in Toronto, we pride ourselves on creating the durable, reliable fencing that any commercial company needs. We’ll assess your space to find the right commercial fence to fit your needs, keeping in mind the style, security, and privacy you deserve. After all, when you decide to construct a commercial fence, one of your main priorities is to ensure the safety and protection of your property, its occupants, and your customers—and we’ll help you achieve this goal.

As a leader in the commercial fencing business, we have a variety of options to meet your stylistic needs and budget. Some of our commercial fence options include wood fencing, ornamental fencing, chain link fencing, sound barrier fencing, fence gates, and acoustic sound barrier fencing. To help you pick the style that’s right for you, we’ll assess your property, and let you know which type of fence would fit best on your commercial site, while still giving you the maximum security and privacy you need.

Excellent customer service is our promise. We’ll never sacrifice material quality for price, and we’ll be honest with you along the way if any problems arise. We’ll give you a detailed timeline of what you can expect and when, and make sure to hit those deadlines every single time.

When considering a commercial fence, you should also take into account the additional features that we can provide, such as acoustic sound barriers to block out unwanted noises or extra security enhancements.

We’re happy to discuss your commercial fencing needs with you further; but in the meantime, here’s an idea of the different types of commercial fences you might consider.

Chain link and ornamental iron fences are common designs for commercial fences, particularly because they require very little maintenance, while still looking aesthetically pleasing on your property. They’re also easy to shift and build according to your property site, and can be changed accordingly. Many commercial sites, in particular industrial sites, will opt for chain link fences, since they’re secure, safe, and durable while still not blocking off your property completely. If you like the chain link fence design, but it’s not secure enough for you, we can add string razor or barbed wire across the fence as well. If you want a more elegant commercial fence, then ornamental iron fence is both secure but more appealing than a chain link fence.

Whatever the size and style of your commercial property, we’re happy to help you find the commercial fence you need. You’ll soon understand why we’re the leading fence company in Toronto.

Contact us for a consultation and the Total Fence Inc. experts will be happy to help you decide on the right type of fencing for your commercial property!


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