We’re all concerned about safety and security; that’s why people try to adopt the best possible protection measures. However, some people place importance on aesthetics, as well, preferring to have something trendy, attractive, and exclusive. Residential ornamental iron fences not only cater to your security needs, but they also add a decorative element to any home, farmhouse, or garden. Whatever it is, we, at Total Fence Inc. cater to the requirements of the clients and offer the best possible decorative ornamental iron fences to give you the elegance and protection you desire.

What Is Ornamental Iron Fencing Made Of?

As the name suggests, ornamental iron fencing is a kind of decorative wall that looks exceptionally graceful. It is usually made up of high-quality, strong, reinforced material, with powdered coating sometimes also applied to act as a safeguard against rust and deterioration. By opting for a decorative iron fence in the backyard or garden, either a traditional or trendy appearance is possible; barbed pickets or flat tops can be used to create a contemporary look. However, people who wish to have a sophisticated, grand appearance for their residential ornamental iron fencing can opt for a combination of great durability, strength, and magnificence, as well.

Benefits of Residential Ornamental Iron Fences

The best part about having ornamental iron fences is that they don’t require much painting. This kind of fencing rarely rusts and is absolutely maintenance-free. Ornamental Iron fences made with powdered finish or urethane don’t fade easily, nor do they become discoloured. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be designed based on residential guidelines. In order to have the necessary amount of security, it is advised that you apply high-quality safety latches on an iron fence. Using good-quality, heavy-duty latches ensures an appropriate level of safety for your property and assets.

Our Specialty as Residential Ornamental Iron Fences

The residential ornamental iron fences we offer allow our clients to find an iron fence style that appeals to them. Another feature of these iron fences is that they help to add everlasting beauty and additional value to the property. Our prices are highly competitive and our fine craftsmanship has helped us to create a name for ourselves, our products, and our services in the industry. We extend our iron fencing services to the residents of Toronto, as well as to people outside the GTA.

Choose Total Fence Inc. for Ornamental Fence Installation in Toronto

Feel free to contact us directly, or visit our office to enquire about our products or make an order. We at Total Fence Inc. take great pride in our work, giving each and every project great personal care and attention. We guarantee that our decorative ornamental iron fences will require minimum preservation or repairs, and our expertise will ensure high-quality, easy, and timely installation. So what are you waiting for? Contact us immediately to have the beautiful backyard or courtyard of your dreams.

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FAQs about Ornamental Fences

Are ornamental fences suitable for security fencing?

Yes. Our ornamental fences are designed and engineered to provide security. They have the strength and appearance to deter trespassers. Since they are made of heavier materials than wood or vinyl, the are naturally more durable than alternative options.

Can ornamental fences stand up to harsh weather?

Our metal and iron ornamental fences are designed to stand up to harsh weather and abuse or damage from pets, people, or vehicles.

Can you build an ornamental fence on uneven property?

When installing ornamental fences on uneven ground, we handle this concern in two ways. We can either stair-step each panel or rack/bias the panels to allow the fence to follow the shape of the ground.

How high can I install the fence?

Every area has its own standards for fence building codes. Make sure your contractor is aware of the local codes, so your fencing meets these requirements. The Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 447 on Fences states that in a front yard, the fence height cannot exceed 1.2 metres on most residential and non-residential properties.

Can ornamental fences be customized?

Yes! You can create a fence to complement your home or stand out to add flare. Fences can be customized with arched tops, rings, scrolls, cast iron designs, letters, numbers, shapes, and more.

What colours can my ornamental fence be?

Our fence company carries more than one brand of ornamental fence. We can design your fence to come in colours like black, white, silver, and bronze, as well as non-traditional colours like green or gold.

Are ornamental fences easy to maintain?

Ornamental fences offer outstanding strength and are a low maintenance fencing option. They also last for years and make an outstanding choice for homeowners who want the balance of beauty and security.

Do I need a fence contractor to install my fence?

To get the best results from your fence installation project, it is recommended to hire a professional contractor. They will have the necessary tools, equipment, and skill to install the fence properly to your specific style and functionality expectations.


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