There’s something quintessentially Canadian about enjoying the summer weather on a patio or deck. Not only that, but a well-designed deck will also raise the value of your home, should you ever decide to sell. When you hire Total Fence Inc. as your deck contractors in Toronto, we will work closely with you to determine which style of deck is best for your home. And because each property is unique, we offer custom decks that reflect your property and personality.

If you’re looking into deck construction, there are a few things you should take into consideration, such as the size of your yard; you want your deck’s design to fit it perfectly. We offer a variety of deck designs geared to every yard, regardless of its size. When you work with us, we will carefully determine the dimensions of your yard and create a deck that is perfectly suited to them.

Deck builders also recommend that clients take the type of wood they plan to use into account. At Total Fence Inc., our deck builders use only the highest-quality wood. You want to know that you’ll get years of enjoyment out of your deck with occasional maintenance, and we can guarantee it when we design your deck.

If your yard has a fence, you’ll also want your deck to blend seamlessly with it. That’s why you should use the same type of wood as the fence, or at least one that’s close, when undertaking a deck construction project. We offer custom decks that will perfectly match your fence, and if your fence was made from a wood or material that we don’t offer, our deck builders will suggest another wood or material that will compliment your fence, making sure that your deck is integrated seamlessly with the rest of your yard.

Maybe you’re fed up with your old deck or it’s falling apart, and it’s time for a new deck. If you’re looking into new deck construction, you’ll need to also consider the cost of having your old deck removed, as well as whether you want a completely new look or if your new deck’s design will reflect the old one.

But regardless of whether you’re having a new deck installed or having your old deck replaced, you will still need the necessary paperwork; deck contractors in Toronto are required to have a building permit before they can move ahead. In addition, the building permit office demands that residents looking into building a deck bring plans and designs for their decks as well.

The expert deck builders at Total Fence Inc. also advise clients to take the cost of the permits into account when planning their deck construction projects. If you don’t have the proper paperwork when you begin your deck construction, you may be forced to halt the construction—or have the work that’s already been done completely removed!

At Total Fence Inc., we will work to help you complete all the necessary paperwork, so that you can enjoy your new deck sooner, without any unnecessary delays or stress. And best of all, we offer a free quote on the cost of all custom decks. It’s part of the reason why we pride ourselves on being the most affordable deck contractors in Toronto.

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