Custom Decks in Toronto

Whether it’s a project you have planned before the cold weather hits or something you’re planning for next spring, you may have questions about whether you should stain or paint your deck. As the leading provider of custom decks in Toronto, Total Fence Inc. tells their clients that staining their decks is the best option.

Paint or Stain Deck: Which is Good for Deck?

In addition to helping your deck retain a natural look, stain has many advantages. For instance, wood expands and contracts with moisture, but paint will not expand and contract with it, leading to paint chipping, peeling, and cracking. If you’ve noticed that your deck looks drab and dreary, it may be time to have it stained again; don’t wait until next spring to have your deck re-stained, when it may look even worse. As the top provider of custom decks in Toronto, we also offer deck staining at an affordable rate.

Paint also holds water, which can lead to damage down the road, whereas a good stain and sealer will allow moisture to escape the wood; stains also won’t crack, chip, or peel. As a provider of custom decks in Toronto, we only use the best deck stain for our projects, whether we’re building a new deck or just adding a new coat of stain to an existing one.

With the combination of snow and ice in the winter and rain in the spring, having a barrier against moisture is highly recommended. The high-quality wood stain we use is both effective and lasting.

We will use a stain that matches your deck’s existing colour, or one that’s as close as possible. While you may think that this is a simple weekend do-it-yourself project you can take on yourself, as a provider of custom decks in Toronto, we recommend leaving this time-consuming project in the hands of the professionals. At Total Fence Inc., we will stain your deck quickly and efficiently.

In addition to using stains that protect against moisture, we also use stains that provide protection against the sun and fungus, two other factors that can significantly contribute to wear and tear on decks. Decks often receive sun for at least part of the day and the undersides can develop fungus; regular staining from the best provider of custom decks in Toronto will prevent these.

If you painted your deck and want the paint removed, we will carefully strip the paint and add a coat of stain. But remember: staining your deck is a project you should take on every few years, especially if your deck sees lots of traffic. And having a deck that is in good condition will add curb value to your home, so it’s worth it to invest in professional staining every few years.

Don’t put off having your deck re-stained, especially if this winter is a repeat of the last two. As the leading provider of custom decks in Toronto and the surrounding regions, Total Fence Inc. will visit your home and apply a fresh coat of stain so your deck is ready to face the elements this winter!


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