Residential fencing is desired by many people wanting effective protection for their property and belongings. One can opt for a variety of fences based on looks, needs and, of course, budget. However, what one chooses depends entirely upon the availability of materials and equipment. We at Total Fence Inc. understand the importance of your needs and preferences and will meet them by offering the most sought-after products and services. Residential fencing is one such choice that we offer through a one-on-one consultation. We take pleasure in providing high-quality services, with the installation carried out by the professional workers on our team, who work on every project with great care.

Our Specialties

We offer numerous colour choices for fencing. We also present a variety of designs that would both enhance the overall look of one’s home and act as a security measure to balance harmony with the individual client’s living habits. High-quality and lasting fencing are what we offer, helping enhance the living area and, in turn, providing a great place to spend some of life’s best moments of leisure. Our strong and durable fences come in exclusive sizes and shapes, with designer products also being offered. But the best part is that the backyard and the front garden look more impressive, beautiful and, at the same time, trendy.

The Different Varieties We Offer

We specialize in providing fencing for dwellings. Our range of products includes rail fences, wooden fences, patterned aluminum fencing, customized fencing as per the client’s needs, vinyl fencing, chain linkage fencing, farm fencing, facilities for dog kennels, compound fencing, and even handrails.

Our company is one of the most first-rate fence contractors in Toronto, offering the best of products that help to add not only an element of beauty to your home, but also a sense of comfort. That is why many residents prefer the extended services of Total Fence Inc., as meeting customer demands is our top priority. We also take specialized efforts to cater to the requirements of sensitive clients, as well as give them our full attention by way of our professional and experienced staff. We consider the fencing needs of the client, as well as the people living nearby, to be a high priority, making our firm one of the most trusted fence installation companies.

If you’re looking for the latest materials and grandest designs, it’s best to consult with Total Fence Inc. in advance to avoid any potential problems or confusion. Click here to contact us. Samples are available to clients before making the final choice that would cater to their individual requirements. So why wait? Act now and contact us at the earliest to obtain the best offers, discuss your fencing needs with us face-to-face, and receive services tailored to your choices. Add value to your property, ensure the security of your family, and maintain privacy in the household by defining your property boundaries. You can also have fencing that caters to pet control needs, wherein the maintenance and enhancement of the dwelling’s architecture are ensured.

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