What Is Chain Link Fencing?

Also referred to as a “wired net,” “chain fence”, “diamond mesh fence”, “hurricane fence”, or “cyclone fence”, a chain link fence is basically a well-woven fencing that is specifically made by using a high-quality galvanized coating. Sometimes linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) coating is also used when the wiring is made up of good-quality steel. Normally, the chain runs in such a fashion that it creates a zigzag pattern. The “zig” hooks are wired on one side, while the “zag” ones get intertwined on the other side. The zigzag pattern resembles a diamond shape, and it even looks good from a distance.

Chain Link Fence Installation for Residential Spaces

As per the requirement of the client, various sizes of chain link fences are offered. Usually, 20-rod and 50-foot rolls are used where the right kind of unscrewing, with screwing of the wires done in such a manner that the pieces get hooked properly. In general, heights offered include 3 ½-foot chain fencing and 4-foot chain fencing that can be made as high as 5 feet through to 12 feet. The mesh used can vary as per the requirements of the client; for example, chain link fencing required for a tennis court varies considerably more than the fencing required for a ballpark.

We at Total Fence Inc., a residential chain link fence company based in Toronto, take great pleasure in offering attractive and high-quality ornamental fencing. Fences, gates, decks, and carpentry are made available to the clients as per their requirements.

Why Choose a Chain Link Fence for Your Home?

  • One of our greatest attributes is our nicely colour-coated chain link fencing, which not only proves beneficial to our residential clients in improving their surroundings, but also proves equally helpful in enhancing the physical appearance of any home.
  • Also, having residential chain link fencing helps to keep away stray animals, and also proves helpful in protecting a client’s assets in a much more effective way.
  • We make a special effort to understand the needs of our customers and to suggest suitable solutions.
  • Our highly fencing experienced and professional staff is well-versed in the installation of various kinds of chain link fencing, which comes in multiple colours, and is of great strength and appropriate height. Providing perfect solutions for our clients is our top priority.

A Leading Residential Chain Link Fence Company in Toronto

Often, residential chain link fencing is a top choice because the costs are very low. Moreover, installation is easier than many other fence options. Besides, the transparent or the semi-opaque wall, and sunlight shining through looks good, as well. What more could you want? Simply call us today or drop by our store and place your order to get the best residential chain link fencing solution for your situation. Contact Total Fence Inc. today to inquire about chain link fences.

Our Chain-Link Fence Design and Installation Process

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FAQ about Residential Chain Link Fences

Why should homeowners choose chain link fences?

Chain link is a popular, appealing, and affordable choice for families with children, swimming pools, or dogs. Chain link fences are virtually maintenance-free, as they require simple washing to keep them clean. They last a long time and can even be installed yourself, However, it is always recommended to hire a professional residential fence installation company for any large project such as installing a chain link fence.

Is chain link available in different colours?

Yes, almost all our chain link fences are available in a variety of colours to suit your exterior home décor. During your consultation you can discuss your colour preferences.

Are all chain link fences powder coated?

Not all chain link fences are powder coated. Traditional wet painting can also be done at a lower cost; however, the appearance will only last for a few years before you need to paint again. Consider your budget when you make decisions about your chain link fence installation, but also consider how much upkeep you want to do in the long-run for a cheaper installation.

What type of coatings are available for chain link materials?

There are three main types of coatings for chain link fences. These include the following:

  • Galvanized: A zinc coating applied over bare steel that is one of the most economical solutions to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Spectra: This vinyl coating option is the most common and least expensive.
  • Permafused II: This coating is on the more expensive side and is also considered “vinyl coated”. Both vinyl coatings come in green, black, and brown.

Is the chain link available in different sizes?

Yes! Our chain link is manufactured to different heights, wire gauges, and diamond sizes to suit your individual needs.

Do the posts need to be set in concrete footings?

It is not required for these posts to be set in concrete footings, but we recommend pounding them into the posts in the ground at least four inches deep. Our professional fence installers use a pneumatic post driver that hammers the post through the soil for a secure foundation. This process enables minimum disturbance of the soil and helps prevent movement. It also limits the impact on the surrounding landscape to protect your property.

How do you maintain a chain link fence?

Here are some tips to maintain your chain link fence:

  • Inspect them regularly for any weak points or damages
  • Treat rust properly
  • Clean it properly with a power washer to remove debris and dirt
  • Check the gate’s alignment regularly for wear and tear

Which is less expensive: wood, chain link, or vinyl?

Chain link fences are typically considered the least expensive option compared to wood and vinyl fences. Chain link fences cost less for materials and labour, and they tend to have a lower cost for maintenance in the long run. Wood fences, while cheaper than vinyl fences, require much more upkeep, which could end up costing you more over the years.


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