Since the early days of civilization, mankind has felt the need to create boundaries to define one’s belongings and territory. For that purpose, fences were created: to set the boundaries of one’s property and prevent the entry of children, pets, stray animals, and other people onto one’s land. Today, people still use fences in order to safeguard their homes and commercial properties. Gradually, fences themselves changed and started coming in different shapes, sizes, textures, and materials. Today, fencing can be made up of mesh wires, lattices, chain linking, etc.; however, fences made of wood, the original material, are still preferred by many for the simple reason that they look classy.

Residential Wood Fences

For the purpose of residential fencing, wood is used mostly the beauty of wooden fencing hasn’t been forgotten, with wooden fences still popular worldwide. Wood can be used and cut as required in order to have the fence meet the shape of the client’s property.

Different Types of Wood Fences

  1. Agricultural Fence Style – This type of wood fence usually uses original rustic red cedar, pine tree, and/or locust wood. Clients can opt for either two or three rail-stacked fences based on their individual needs.
  2. Residential Fence Style – For residential wood fences, the wood is used to create gothic-style creations for those with a preference for either French or English Gothic. Additional decorative styles can also be used, in which panels are created by using red cedar wood. Many have even designed their own wood fences.
  3. Innovative Wood Fencing – This means that different varieties of wood are used based on the geographical location and availability of wood types. Accordingly, a client can have original designs created to meet any artistic sensibility or fencing need.

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