Excessive noise, or noise pollution, is an increasingly important issue for both commercial and industrial business owners. For businesses, it can keep customers away and lead to a loss of revenue. Construction sites, heavy industrial areas, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, and airports can be particularly challenging environments, with high levels of noise leading to complaints and issues with local authorities.

In an effort to dampen excessive noise, many commercial and industrial sites plant trees, hedges, and shrubs. Aside from being expensive, using landscaping as a sound barrier is quite ineffective.

Why Noise Barriers Acoustic Fencing?

When it comes to noise pollution, one of the best ways to cut down on noise is with the use of commercial acoustic barrier fencing. If your industrial or commercial operation is looking to reduce noise and increase privacy and security, aesthetically pleasing acoustic sound barrier fencing could be the best option.

Unlike commercial sound barrier fences, an acoustic fence, while not entirely soundproof, does an excellent job at reducing noise and absorbing sound vibrations. Fence constructed using a variety of materials, including timber and steel, and enhanced with special sound absorptive material, commercial acoustic barrier fencing is the only fencing method designed to cope with high levels of noise pollution.

Unfortunately, you can’t cut corners when it comes to absorbing noise pollution. Even though commercial acoustic barrier fencing looks like traditional timber fencing, it isn’t. And the two are not interchangeable. Normal timber fencing is ineffective, while commercial acoustic barrier fencing is especially designed to help reflect or absorb noise pollution.

Commercial and industrial Acoustic barrier fencing is not just excellent at reducing noise; it is also extremely durable. Due to the solid construction, acoustic barrier fencing can last for decades. It is also very versatile; it can be used inside factories and noisy buildings, or outside as an acoustic barrier. No longer just functional eyesores, acoustic sound barriers can be built from a number of materials in a variety of styles to blend in with the existing surroundings.

While commercial acoustic barrier fencing is tested to reduce noise pollution, it will perform differently at each site. To ensure an acoustic barrier fence is right for you, Total Fence Inc. will come to your property and conduct a thorough and free on-site analysis—taking your purpose, style, vision, and budget into consideration. We will also provide guidance in specifying the proper height the acoustic barrier fence must be to absorb noise pollution effectively.

Acoustic Sound Barrier Fence Contractor in Toronto

Total Fence Inc. specializes in commercial acoustic barrier fencing and noise wall applications. And we pride ourselves on creating the best acoustic sound barrier fencing in Toronto, whatever your particular needs may be.

The experienced fencing contractors team at Total Fence Inc. can customize the acoustic barrier fencing to fit your precise specific needs.

Regardless of budget, Total Fence Inc. can help you find an commercial acoustic barrier fencing solution to match your business’ unique needs. If you are planning to add acoustic sound barrier fencing to your commercial or industrial site in the Greater Toronto Area, contact Total Fence Inc. Our clients tell us they can really hear the difference!

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