Whether you have a commercial or residential property, installing fence gates will complement it, provide you with security and safety, and may even increase the value of your commercial or industrial property. At Total Fence Inc., a leading commercial fence and gates company in Toronto, we construct fence gates, with a variety of styles and materials—all while meeting your price point.

Building a Commercial Fencing Gate?

When you decide to build your commercial fence gate, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. First of all, we’ll ask you about the purpose of the fence gate, to get a better idea of how to construct the right fence gate that will meet your needs.

We can build a variety of commercial fence gates, including:

  • Garden gates,
  • Security gates,
  • Custom entry gates,
  • Cantilever gates,
  • Industrial swing gates,
  • Barrier arm gates,
  • Iron gates, and many more.

If you’re looking into a fence gate for a commercial property, we offer manual or automated gates, in a variety of styles, from the conventional wooden fence gate to the modern-day steel gate.

Once you’ve decided to install a fence gate on your property, our fence gate experts will visit your industrial / commercial site to give you a consultation on the specifics of what you need. We’ll let you know which fence gate options fit best for your commercial property. If you already have an existing fence, we can match our commercial fence gates to keep the aesthetic beauty of your property.

Great Affordable Fence Gate Designs

Of course, we know that, when it comes down to it, you need a great design, but only if it meets your budget. That’s why we, as a leading fence gate company in Toronto, will work with you to determine a commercial fence gate design that meets your fencing needs, while not going over budget.

With the risk of break-and-enter incidents increasing, a lot of clients add security features to their fences. We can upgrade your fence to include security features, such as fence spikes, gate automation, and a key lock.

Leading Commercial Fence Gates Contractor in Toronto

For commercial properties, Total Fence Inc., your leading fence gate company in Toronto, recommends metal security gates, which are optimized for easy pedestrian and vehicle access. Metal gates are also more secure and provide added security compared to other fence gates. To provide you with the right metal gate for your business, we’ll analyze the site and take note of the property dimensions.

Our customers are always satisfied with our fencing work because we deliver quality goods at a low price. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial and industrial fence options and why you should work with Toronto’s leading fence gates company.

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