Total Fence Inc. is a full-service fencing company that can create the ideal custom fencing or deck solution for your home. Whether you need a chain-link fence contractor in Toronto or a fence-post hole digger for hire, we have the solution for you.

Our Main Services Include


Chain-Link Fencing

Chain-link fencing is a well-woven fence that is specially made using a high-quality galvanized coating. Chain-link fencing in Toronto comes in a variety of colours and a sturdy option. Having a chain-link fence will help keep out stray animals and offer an added degree of protection.

Wood Fencing

Wooden fences in Toronto are a great way to instill privacy and security on your property while still allowing it to be aesthetically pleasing. An extremely versatile option, wooden fences are well-suited for both residential fencing and commercial fencing needs.

Ornamental Iron Fencing

Ornamental fences aren’t just for aesthetic value but can provide a high degree of privacy and security. The strength that a welded iron fence offers can’t be found in other options like wood. Our ornamental iron fences can be used in both residential and commercial projects, like gateposts, iron fence panels, garden fencing, and fire escapes.

Acoustic Sound Barrier Fencing

Acoustic sound barrier fencing can safeguard your property against excessive noise and is the ideal option for properties in industrial areas and those with frequent construction. These fences are concrete structures that completely shelter a property and intercept any soundwaves coming its way.

Post-Hole Drilling & Digging

One of the best ways to enhance your home’s look and increase its value is to add a custom fence or deck. When you hire a contractor to get the job done, you want someone who’s talented at their craft so that you end up with a beautiful custom piece, but you’ll also need to think about the logistics—you’ll need to find someone who’s a first-rate Toronto deck-post hole digger too. What is a deck or fence-post hole digger? Contractors usually offer deck-post hole digging services, which means that they’ll dig the holes needed for the posts that will support your deck. While most people are mainly concerned with the aesthetics, it’s important to hire a good Toronto post-hole digger since the integrity of your deck depends on it.

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Total Fence Inc. is a fully licensed fencing and deck-building contractor in Toronto that can offer you a complete range of services for your residential and commercial properties. With years of experience building and installing various types of fences and decks, there’s no better option when it comes to fence contractors in Toronto. From the design to construction phase, you’ll be involved every step of the way to ensure your vision comes to life the way you want it to. With our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you’ll never have to worry about being unhappy with your new fence or deck by Total Fence Inc. Contact us for more information about our services or for a free estimate.

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