For both commercial and residential properties, fences and gates serve multiple purposes. Fencing helps enhance the security, safety, and control of your property, with the numerous types and materials affecting appearance and strength. This affords a high level of customization and allows you to find the make and look that perfectly matches your fencing needs. Total Fence Inc. is a fence contractor and custom-carpentry company in Toronto that has been providing quality fence installation, repair, and maintenance services throughout the GTA. Look us up for any of your custom-deck needs or fencing needs and tap our services for any of the following:

Residential and Commercial Chain-Link Fences

Chain link is a common type of fencing for a set of very good reasons. It is a durable, low-maintenance fence that affords strong protection and is fairly easy to install and adjust.


Chain link is set up by cementing iron straining units on each end of the fence and at specific intervals (usually 10 feet) along the fence line. Straining wires get run along the top and bottom of the fence, and a metal bar is used to secure and help guide the mesh roll as it is deployed. In simple terms, this means that every chain-link fence has four main components: the netting/mesh, the framework, the fittings, and the gate.

Netting/Mesh Size

Chain-link meshes have two main measurements. The first is the weight or “gauge,” which represents how heavy or thick the wire is. A lower gauge indicates a heavier, thicker wire. The other measurement is the diameter, or the size of the spaces within the mesh itself. The diameter is usually proportional to the gauge, with two inches being common on gauges ranging from nine to 11 in size, but it can be customized differently depending on your need and whether it’s a residential chain-link fence or a commercial one.


The coating or finish of the mesh affects its durability, maintenance needs, and the type of weather it can withstand. Zinc is commonly used to prevent rust while rubberized polyester or PVC coatings are sometimes added for an extra layer of protection. Stainless steel or galvanized steel are also considered types of coatings.

Wood Fencing for Industries

Wood can be quite handy for commercial fencing since it affords strong levels of privacy while also being surprisingly hard to scale by would-be intruders. For the same reason, wood can also be ideal for residential fencing.


The grade of a wood fence determines the quality of the wood. Although all grades will be able to serve as adequate fencing, lower grades tend to be less uniform in appearance and can have imperfections on one side. Generally speaking, grade can be seen as an indicator of maintenance needs or aesthetics rather than durability or security.

Wood Type

The type of wood is going to be one of the more customizable elements of a commercial wood fence since it affects various innate and functional qualities. Spruce, for instance, is handy for prefabricated or stockade-style fences. Pine and fir are pressure-treated with insecticidal preservatives and water-repellants to ward off termites and rot. Cedar and cypress have natural oils that deter insects and have innate rot resistance but can be pricier. Redwood is renowned for its aesthetic and durability, but it is also on the upper end of the price spectrum and needs special staining to prevent graying.

Residential Wood Fences

Wood fences have always been popular for residential properties because of their visual appeal, strength, and durability. When properly cared for, wood fences can last for years and make a wonderful addition to your yard, whether you want to accent a garden, protect your backyard from trespassers, compliment a custom deck, or any other purpose. Total Fence Inc. offers the following residential wood fence styles for GTA homeowners:

  • Spaced Board
  • Picket Fence
  • Vertical Board
  • Board on Board
  • Board and Batten
  • Split Rail
  • Stockade
  • Paddock
  • Estate
  • …and more!

Commercial and Residential Ornamental Iron Fences

Welded iron has a very distinct strength that makes its appeal as a fencing material immediately obvious. Commercial properties that want to emphasize a certain type of image tend to gravitate towards ornamental iron options as a way to satisfy both functional and aesthetic needs. Ornamental iron is also useful when trying to maintain security while also providing a sense of openness, such as in a restaurant’s outdoor seating section. For residential properties—as well as for commercial ones—ornamental iron fences offer a level of elegance that has immediate, eye-catching appeal and can add high-class flair to your property.

Commercial and Residential Sound-Barrier Acoustic Fencing

Toronto is a vibrant city filled with countless sights and sounds … but sometimes those sounds can get a bit too vibrant for people’s liking. Whether the noise is from a construction site, rambunctious patrons at a patio bar, or even gleeful school children playing at recess, it is sometimes necessary to take proactive steps. Acoustic sound-barrier fences are made of a mixture of timber, steel, and sound-absorbing materials that turn the fencing into an effective noise barrier; this lets you go about your normal business with the knowledge that any sounds you make are going to get significantly reduced. It is also worth noting that this process works in reverse. Your business or yard may be quite, but that feeling may be disrupted by noise pollution from the surroundings. Fortunately, acoustic fences work just as well at keeping unwanted noise out of your hair and away from your ears.

Commercial and Residential Fence Gates

Your custom fence may be amazing-looking and provide excellent security, but you still need a fence gate to make sure you can actually get in and out easily. Total Fence Inc.’s fencing contractors will expertly assist with the design and creation of any number of custom gates in a wide selection of styles and builds. Whether you want a small garden gate or a larger, industrial-sized affair that can allow for large vehicles or freight, we can and will provide. Just a few examples of what we can make are security gates, custom entry gates, industrial swing gates, barrier arm gates, iron gates, and arched gates.

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