Book Deck and Fence Builders in Toronto Now to Avoid the Spring/Summer Rush

With the snow starting to melt, you may have noticed that your deck or fence is in need of maintenance, or perhaps needs to be replaced completely. Regardless of the project you are planning, Total Fence Inc., one of the top deck and fence builders in Toronto, recommends booking now to avoid the rush that occurs once spring arrives.
This winter in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has been especially harsh, with several arctic vortices and a severe ice storm in late 2013. Combine the cold temperatures and ice with the most snow the GTA has received in several years and it all adds up to a winter that has taken a heavy toll on decks and fences. If you’re in need of deck and fence builders in Toronto, call on Total Fence Inc.

After the ice storm in December 2013, tree branches were down all over the GTA; these branches and the heavy ice may have caused damage to your fence or deck. Since the coming months are going to be a busy time for deck and fence builders in Toronto and the surrounding areas, we recommend booking now.

One of the definite advantages of booking deck and fence builders early is that it allows for a shorter installation time. A weather damaged deck can be a safety hazard and it looks unattractive, plus you want your yard to look its best. That’s why if your fence was damaged by the extreme weather the GTA has experienced this winter, you’ll want to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Fence and deck builders in Toronto require a permit to build a new deck, so if you’re planning to build a new deck, it will require a visit to building permit office with plans and drawings. We recommend going now, since this is typically a slow time for permit offices; if you apply for a permit now, you’ll beat the rush and be ready to start your deck building project once spring arrives!

If you’re planning to build a fence, you do not require a permit unless it is around a swimming pool. However, there are certain other restrictions in place for fence builders in Toronto. At Total Fence Inc., we recommend checking your municipality’s by-laws before undertaking a fence building project.

Don’t wait to book deck and fence repairs. Call Total Fence Inc., the top deck and fence builders in Toronto, today and avoid the rush.