Have Your Deck Constructed and Inspected Properly to Avoid Issues

With a deck in Halifax having collapsed in September 2014, leading to six people being injured, Total Fence Inc., the leading provider of deck building in Toronto, is urging their customers to have their deck inspected and repaired before the cold weather arrives.

The six people injured in the Halifax deck collapse are currently speaking to a major law firm in the city and considering legal action against the property owner. If your deck is unsafe and any accidents occur, you, as the property owner, can be held responsible, making it important that you have your deck inspected and repaired regularly. As the top provider of deck building in Toronto, we recommend examining your deck annually, and if you’re uncertain of what to look for, hire a professional inspector. If you find that your deck needs to be repaired, call us; we provide repair for wooden decks at a reasonable price.

When wooden decks collapse, it’s often because they are not secured to a home properly. The secret to avoiding accidents like the one in Halifax is to have your deck installed properly. As one of the top providers of deck building in Toronto, we at Total Fence Inc. know the importance of a properly built deck. Our team of professionals will take the time to make sure your deck is constructed properly so it will pass inspection. And as part of our deck design in Toronto, we will make sure that your deck is bolted securely to your home.

This winter is expected to be a repeat of that of 2013–2014 and we’re well aware of the toll that cold weather can take on decks. If it’s been a few years since you had your deck installed or inspected, we strongly recommend doing so before the spring. It’s always best to take care of any issues now, when they’re still minor, rather than in a few months, when an entire winter’s worth of snow, ice, and extreme cold has taken its toll. We use only the best materials for our building and deck design in Toronto that will stand up to the elements.

If you’re looking at deck building in Toronto, you will need to fill out a building permit. For the outlying areas, we recommend checking with your municipal office first. We also recommend letting your neighbours know that you will be installing a deck; while it is your property, it is a courtesy to let them know.

Properly installed and maintained wooden decks are the best ways to avoid accidents like the one in Halifax. As the top provider of building and deck design in Toronto, Total Fence Inc. will take the time to build a sturdy deck that will stand up to the test of time.


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