DIY Fence Decoration Ideas to Give Your Fence an Attractive Look

A humble and simple fence around your home may look lovely on its own, but if you want to add some character to it, there are so many DIY projects you can do! We’re not just talking about repainting your fence and giving it a thorough cleaning, but also adding certain decorations to it that give it a personal touch. Here are some fun fence decoration ideas for your fence and gates.

Unique DIY Ideas for Fence Decoration

Brilliant Orange Floral Decorations on the Fence

One great way to decorate your wooden fence is to use floral decorations. This can be a fun DIY project, as you create your own flowers, or, you can buy them at a craft store. The material can vary, but you should look for something that won’t rust or fade with sun exposure.

String Pretty Globe Lights Along Your Fence

One of the most elegant yet rustic decorations you can add to your fence is fairy lights. You can choose larger bulbs, or tiny ones, and string them along with each post. They give your backyard a beautiful, cozy atmosphere, and are the perfect accessory for summer nights. They’re often used to decorate rustic barns for weddings, but who’s to say you can’t use them around your own home?

Stacked Window Boxes on a White Fence

Got leftover wood and junk in your garage? Put it to use and decorate your fence. You can use old window frames or create your own, and give them a fresh coat of paint. Nail them to your fence, and place some artificial flowers in jars beside them, or decorate the frame like a wreath. The options are endless, you just need to get creative.

Pretty Birdhouse Display on the Fence

Looking for a craft that’s perfect for the family? Build and paint your own DIY birdhouse and use that as your fence decoration! You may have to handle the nailing, but your kids can glue decorations on the house and have fun painting it colours that they like. Don’t forget to put the bird seeds inside!

Decorate Your Fence with Glass Gems

If there are holes in your wooden fence, you can fill them with coloured gems! Glue them into the holes and watch the light cast colourful rays in your yard. They catch the eye but aren’t overly flashy.

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