Why You Should Get an Acoustic Sound Barrier Fence Installed?

If your business uses noisy equipment outdoors, or even in your warehouse or factory, it may lead to issues with your neighbours, both residential and commercial, as well as possible involvement with the local authorities, which can lead to hefty fines.

If your work environment is noisy, both inside and out, Total Fence Inc., the Greater Toronto Area’s leading fence and deck building service, offers our clients a number of options for acoustic sound barrier fences.

We make our acoustic sound barrier fences from the best materials that are guaranteed to greatly reduce or completely eliminate the noise coming from your property. Regardless of whether it’s HVAC units or other heavy machinery, we will build a fence that is made to the right height and from materials that will block out the noise.

If you have a yard that experiences regular rail traffic, you’re doubtlessly aware of how noisy it can get. An acoustic sound barrier fence, however, will cut down on railway noise considerably.

Or perhaps you own a restaurant or bar with a patio. We all know how much residents of the GTA enjoy relaxing on a patio, but the downside is that if your restaurant or bar is located in a residential area or near apartments, this can lead to noise complaints, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. By installing an acoustic sound barrier fence, your patrons can enjoy themselves and your neighbours can get a good night’s sleep.

You may also be concerned that an acoustic sound barrier fence will be an eyesore. Worry not, as an acoustic sound barrier fence from Total Fence Inc. will seamlessly integrate with your property, creating a practical look. We take a number of factors into account, such as the height of the fence, the material, the size of your yard, and your budget, and then use that information to create the acoustic sound barrier fence that’s ideally suited to your needs. And to determine what is best for you, we will come to your business for a free on-site analysis.

It should be noted that “sound barrier” does not mean “soundproof.” There will still be noise, but an acoustic sound barrier fence will lessen the noise coming from your property. When you have one of Total Fence’s sound barrier fences installed, the noise will be greatly reduced.

In addition to building sound barrier fences, we also build noise walls. These are ideal if you’re looking to protect employees from excessive noise while they’re working in another part of your yard, your warehouse, or your factory.

With an acoustic sound barrier fence from Total Fence Inc., you can hear the difference. We will create a fencing solution that meets your unique needs. Call us today for your free on-site analysis!