Getting Your Fence and Deck Ready for Fall and Winter

Just because it’s summer and you’re enjoying the warm weather, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start looking ahead to getting your fence and deck ready for the fall and winter.

It doesn’t matter what sort of material your fence and deck are made from, harsh Canadian winters can take a toll on them. However, the deck and fencing experts at Total Fence Inc. say that if you take the following precautions, your fence and deck will look as good as new in the spring. Best of all, it will minimize the amount of work you have to do when the warm weather returns.

You doubtlessly have visions of spending nights cooking meals on the barbecue while entertaining guests on your deck, or of an attractive fence that will improve the look of your yard when you build it during the spring and summer. However, Total Fence Inc. advises customers that they should keep all four seasons in mind when they’re building their fence and deck and use a stain and sealer that will protect them against everything fall and winter in the GTA can throw at them.

Even if you’ve applied a stain and sealer to your fence and deck, Total Fence Inc. suggests also applying a protective finish before the cold weather hits. This will protect your deck from water damage that may come from melting snow.

Cleaning your deck of all debris, such as fallen leaves, should be at the top of your to-do list as you prep for the winter; you should also make sure that your fence is clear of any debris, as well. While this may seem like just common sense, decaying organic matter, such as leaves can cause damage to wood as well as ugly stains.

If possible, Total Fence Inc. recommends taking a pressure washer to your wood fence and deck to make sure that it is completely free of debris and dirt—naturally, this should be done before the weather gets too cold. Most pressure washers come with a deck-and-fence-washing attachment, though one can also be purchased separately.

You should take steps to remove any mould or mildew from your fence and deck before winter arrives. Damp weather makes it worse, and unless you want to pay for a huge cleaning job in the spring, it is best to take care of any mould or mildew, no matter how minor, before the cold weather hits. There are cleaning products you can buy that will remove mould and mildew, but Total Fence Inc. recommends consulting with an expert first, as you may require a professional cleaning job.

If you have any furniture or planters on your deck, put them in your garage, shed, or basement for the winter. If you don’t have room, Total Fence Inc. recommends storing them under your deck. This will prevent them from leaving unsightly stains.

The experts at Total Fence Inc. suggest putting a cover or insulating material on your fence or deck if you live in the Greater Toronto Area or other parts of Ontario that may experience harsher winter conditions, such as areas by lakes. This will ensure that your fence and deck are not damaged by cold or ice.

Though this may seem like a lot of work, Total Fence Inc. says that taking these precautions will save you time and money down the road, and leave you more able to enjoy the warm weather once it returns.