How to Beautify Your Lawn Using Trellis and Lattice Panels

Trellis and lattice screens can be used for a variety of projects in and around the home, including beautifying your lawn. The design of lattices allows for privacy, while allowing natural light to filter in. Lattices cannot operate as an alternative to a fence, as they are not durable enough to keep out unwanted visitors—animal or human. However, it is a great choice for people who want to cover exposed areas around their home, without breaking the bank. Here are some ways you can beautify your lawn with a trellis or lattice.


Use It as a Flower Fence

As beautiful as they are, beautifying your garden with vines can be invasive. Vines have the tendency to go where the light is, and will travel until there is nowhere left to go. They can crawl into your neighbour’s yard, which will likely lead to complaints. Using a lattice, you can enjoy the beauty of rose bushes and vines, without worrying about them travelling too far. These panels look beautiful, covered in the climbing plants, and can keep them off the walls of your house. A lattice will also make it easier to trim the vines so they do not grow out of control.

Use for Deck Skirting

Another popular use for these panels is trailer or deck skirting, which allows you to cover the unappealing area under a deck, without blocking moisture from escaping. They can also be used to create a place of storage under the deck, where animals cannot get to.

Wire Trellis for Unique Décor

Instead of using the traditional wooden or white trellis for your exterior design, you can use a wire trellis instead. These fit with a more modern look, and work well as a place for your vines to grow. Pair them with metal chairs or a bench and enjoy the unique décor.

Screen a Patio for Privacy

If you want a more private patio area to read and relax in, lattice panels are an affordable and beautiful way to achieve this. A lattice can be used as a single wall, or you can use three to enclose the entire patio setting. This will allow you to enjoy the peaceful outdoors, without the uncomfortable feeling of knowing your neighbours or passerby can see you.

Gated Arbour

To enhance the look of a structure around your home, especially if you have a small area to work with, you can use a lattice in the form of a gazebo or arbour. These keep the area looking light and airy, create a beautiful area for you to sit and relax, and offer some privacy without taking up too much space.

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