How to Protect Your Wood Fence from Rotting

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Wooden fences are a beautiful way to add curb appeal to your home and create a layer of privacy and security for your family. But changing seasons can cause your wood fencing to rot away, especially at the base where the wood comes in contact with the damp earth. Here are some helpful tips on how you can protect your wood fence from rotting.

Understand Wet Rot & Dry Rot

Before you take out the tools and start hacking away at rot, it’s important to understand what type your fence is at risk from. The two types of rot include wet rot and dry rot. Wet rot is caused by moisture that continuously comes in contact with the wooden fencing and is most often seen at the bottom of the fence where the fence meets the earth underneath. Dry rot is caused when the wood is exposed to dry, harsh environments such as the sun or hot winds that dry out the fence. This dry, hot air will remove the protective oils on the wood’s exterior and cause it to break down the wood. To prevent rot, consider the environment your fence is in.

Use Pressure-Treated Materials

Pressure-treated wood forces chemicals into the wood to protect it against decay and insects. Your posts should be pressure treated and designed for ground use to reduce the chances of rotting.

Stain Your Fence as Necessary

Keeping rot at bay can be done by regularly staining your fence. You should stain your fence at least once a year, and more frequently depending on your environment. A good way to test if your fence is ready for a new stain is by spraying it with some water. If the water beads down the fence, you stain is still intact.

Keep Your Fence Clean of Debris

Buildup of moist debris can increase the risk of your fence rotting. Damp leaves, plants, grass, and soil can build up on the base of your fence through cracks and begin to break down the wood. Keeping your fence free of dirt and crime by maintaining it regularly will preserve it.

Replace Rot-Affected Sections

If you notice rot on your fence, don’t panic and tear the whole thing down. You can stop the rot from spreading by replacing only the sections that have been affected. Once you’ve replaced the damaged posts, install a fresh coat or stain over the entire fence.

Get a Proper Fence Installation from the Professionals

The best way to prevent your fence from rotting is by hiring professional fence installers. They may cost more than setting up a DIY fence, but their quality work and techniques will reduce the chances of rot.

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