How to Protect Your Wood Fence from Termites

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Termites are little ant-like pests that feed on dead wood, especially on the tips of fence posts inserted into the ground. Once they make their way into the fences, they silently work away at them over the years, and can pose a larger problem. Termites come in colonies that search for food to eat within a 100-metre radius. If any wood structure near your home has been affected by termites, chances are that your surrounding structures could potentially be at risk. This includes inside your home, wood hardscaping features, and your trees. Here are some tips to protect your wood fence in Toronto from insects like termites.

Tips to Protect Your Wood Fence from Insects or Termites

Check the Fence Regularly

The best way to prevent termites from building homes and eating away at your wooden fence is to be proactive and inspect it regularly. Termites work from the inside out, so the damage may not be visible for a long time. This is why you should regularly inspect the fence to look for signs of termites. Bubbles and holes in the wood or a pile of termite droppings are signs that they are beginning to move into your fence. If you see these signs, it’s time to start treating the wood to kill them before they can take over the fence.

Use Pressure-Treated Wood

You can keep termites away by using pressure-treated wood. This type of wood is injected with insecticide and preservatives during the manufacturing process while it is under pressure—keeping the chemicals deep inside the grain. Termites won’t be able to detect the wood in your fence, and if they attempt to burrow in the wood, they won’t survive it.

Preserve the Wood Annually

Keeping termites away is easier when you preserve your fence annually. Preservative coats soak deep into the wood and keep the termites from detecting it and trying to eat away at it. The preservative coat is applied before a fresh coat of paint.

Clear Plants and Water Away from Your Fence

Plants and water are the perfect way to draw termites to your wooden fence. These insects can climb blades of grass, branches of nearby plants, and bridge from these plants to your fence. Clearing the area around your fence of plant life and grass will reduce the ways termites can access your fence.

Let the Sunshine on Your Fence

Termites like soft, wet wood, so keeping your fence warm by ensuring there is sunlight shining on it will keep them away. They don’t like sun, wind, or heat, so keep the fence dry and uncomfortable for them.

Get a Proper Fence Installation from the Professionals

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