How to Storm-Proof Your Wooden Fence

residential wood fenceLiving in the GTA means we are often barraged with unpredictable weather. One day it might be warm and sunny, the next day there might be torrential rainfall. Storm-proofing your wooden fence can help you prevent damage and ensure your home’s security during unexpected weather. The following simple steps can help you protect your home against the worst of fall and winter weather. Check out these tips to keep your home and fence safe as the weather cools down.

Check the Perimeter

Check for any damage on or near your fence by walking around it. You can find problems before they get worse and deal with them before the storm arrives. Clear any garbage or debris that could get blown away and harm your fence or your home.

Repair or Replace Damaged, Rotted, or Loose Posts

While you are doing your walk-around, look at the support beams and posts of your fence installation. If you notice any broken, damaged, rotted, or loose areas, you should repair or replace them immediately. Broken posts can fly away during a wind storm, harming other parts of your house or even breaking windows.

Trim Trees around the Fence

A great way to storm-proof your wooden fence is to ensure that the trees and bushes surrounding it are trimmed. Remove any dying or dead branches and plants because their instability could lead to serious problems. The last thing you want is a big dead branch to wreck your fence!

Remove Temporary Objects around the Yard

If you have any temporary objects around your yard you should remove them and lock them in your shed or garage. Something as seemingly innocent as a soccer ball can get blown away and damage your home or fence. You should also remove any potted plants to ensure they don’t blow away and get damaged.

Lock the Gates

Use a padlock or chain to secure your gate if it does not have a good lock. High winds can slam your gate open and closed against the fence or your house, causing damage. Another way to protect your property is to take the gate door off if the hinges are easy to remove and store it in your garage or shed until the storm is over.

Get Help from Fence Professionals

Improper fence building can be hazardous as fall and winter storms come in. Ensuring that your fence is properly constructed and maintained is a cost-effective way to prevent serious damage and safeguard your property. If you are located in Ontario and are looking for a reliable company to build or repair a fence to help it stand the test of time, especially during rough seasons, we can help. Total Fence Inc. is a fully licensed company located in Toronto and we provide a variety of reliable and attractive fencing options for our customers. Best of all, we do all the work from start to finish. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us with any questions.