Planning to Build a Deck or Fence? Make Sure You Have the Proper Permits First!

You may think that adding a new fence or deck to your yard is a routine job—that all you need is the building materials and you’re good to go. However, the deck and fence experts at Total Fence Inc. stress that clients should have all the proper permits before they undertake a construction project

The regulations for building a fence or deck will often vary by municipality, but you can find out the information easily by either visiting the city’s web site or calling the licenses and permits office. The city of Toronto, for example, doesn’t require a permit to build a fence, unless it is going to surround a swimming pool enclosure. However, you should still contact your local bylaws office before you build a fence, since certain restrictions may apply, such as the fence not exceeding a certain height

However, if you’re planning to build a deck in the city of Toronto, you will be required to visit the building permit office with plans and drawings. Toronto does have a “FASTRACK” program available if you’re looking to get your project underway quickly, but Total Fence Inc. recommends planning well in advance.

With winter approaching, the time to undertake a project such as this is diminishing rapidly; however, this can still be a boon, since it will give you plenty of time to plan your deck project for the spring. Also, your local building permit office may not be as busy during the winter, so you’ll beat the rush once the weather starts to warm up.

When calculating the cost of building a deck, you should also take the cost of a building permit into account as well—the cost varies by city and project. Again, call your local building permit office or visit its web site to find out what the cost is.

Total Fence Inc. emphasizes the importance of having the proper building permits before you start building a deck. In addition to fines, you could also face possible legal action and delays in construction. A lack of proper permits could also result in the removal of the construction you have already begun, leading to a loss of money.

If you hire a contractor to build your deck, they will usually fill out all the necessary permits on your behalf. That is why you should hire the fence and deck experts at Total Fence Inc. to build your deck. They will take care of part of the process for you, and their expertise in deck construction extends to filling out all the necessary paperwork, giving clients one less thing to worry about—all you’ll need to do is sit back and enjoy your deck once it is completed.


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