Residential Wood Fencing in Toronto

The first day of summer may not be until June 21, but temperatures are already starting to heat up. Total Fence Inc., the leading provider of residential wood fencing in Toronto, tells their customers that now is the time to get their fences treated before the weather becomes too humid.

Summers in the Greater Toronto Area have become blisteringly hot over the last few years, and it has taken a toll on fences. While many homeowners choose to focus on damage caused by cold weather to their decks, residential wood fencing in Toronto suffers just as much during the summer if it is left untreated.

But there are just as many problems associated with damage caused to residential wood fencing in Toronto by heat and humidity. We tell our clients that they must understand the preventative measures they must take to ensure that their fence lasts for the life of their house and give it as much attention as they would their deck and other parts of their home.

Because residential wood fencing in Toronto is exposed to sun, heat, and humidity, the elements can cause it to crack, split, and warp, causing damage to the structural integrity of the wood, regardless of it is treated or not; this in turn leads to needing to have your fence replaced. The cyclical weather the GTA experiences can also take a toll on your wood fence if it is not treated properly.

If your residential wood fencing on Toronto is constantly exposed to moisture, it can also cause damage in the form of mildew, mould, and other organisms that cause damage to wood. Wood-boring insects can also cause serious damage to wood that has not been properly treated, leaving your fence looking like something out of horror movie—not something that any homeowner wants! And worst of all, the insects can also make their way into other wood structures in and around your home.

Residential wood fencing in Toronto and the surrounding regions has suffered this winter after a severe ice storm in late 2013 caused serious damage to wood structures and trees around the GTA. Even if wood is pressure-treated, this will not provide protection against the elements—a common mistake that homeowners make when selecting lumber for their fences and decks.

Whether you’re looking for new residential wood fencing in Toronto or you want to repair a damaged fence, Total Fence Inc. uses only the best lumber for fences and decks that will stand up to the GTA’s widely varied weather.