Security Fencing : Chain Link Fences in GTA

Many high-tech companies, such as data centers, may have every measure in place to maintain their security in cyberspace, such as firewalls. However, they often fail to take physical security into account. High-tech businesses aren’t just vulnerable to cyber attacks; physical breaches can also be an issue. Total Fence Inc., the leading provider of commercial fencing in the GTA, tells their clients that they must also secure their business in the real world.

A sturdy fence around your business, combined with the proper security measures, surveillance cameras, and security staff will often be enough of a deterrent. Even businesses that store their products in their yards can be vulnerable to theft and should have a security fence in place. As a provider of commercial chain link fencing in the GTA, we will install security fences around your business to provide an added layer of security.

Many of the data centers in the GTA are in relatively isolated locations, so they may think that they are safe. However, if the information your organization stores is valuable enough and a hacker looking to steal it is determined enough, the location won’t matter, making having a fence in place for added security a must for any high-tech company.

In the U.K., it’s expected that the government will pass regulations stating that data centres have a minimum of physical security in place to protect their infrastructure by 2016. The rest of the world may just follow this example, so why not be ahead of the curve and have physical security in place that not only meets regulations, but also exceeds them? As a provider of commercial chain link fencing in the GTA, we will install a fence that will serve as an effective deterrent.

And while the new regulations in the U.K. are meant to protect against terrorist attacks, this likely won’t happen with Canadian data centres. However, having physical security, such as a chain link fence, is important, regardless of whether or not your business stores data or actual products. Commercial chain link fencing in the GTA provides that added layer of security that is an effective deterrent to thieves, both in the real world and cyberspace!

When storing something as important as client data or products, having rigorous physical security in place is just as important as having virtual support. A sturdy fence can be your physical “firewall” against theft and intruders. Call Total Fence Inc. for commercial chain link fencing in the GTA.


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