Spooky Fence Decoration Ideas for Halloween

iStock.com/Black Brush

Visitor beware… you’re in for a scare! If you are a huge Halloween decoration fan, you can go crazy this season by decorating your fence. Whether you want to focus on autumn décor like pumpkins and lights, or if you want to get creepy with fake blood and bats, there are many ideas for you to work with. If you’re unsure of how to decorate your fence this Halloween, here are some creepy ideas to get you inspired!

Caution Tape

A fun and spooky way to make your home look off-limits is to string caution tape along your fence. You can purchase a roll and wrap it around the posts of your fence, and finish it off with creepy fake spiderwebs or a large “keep out” sign. This fun decoration will get you into the spooky Halloween spirit and transform your home into a terrifying place that only the bravest would dare to visit.

Scary Bats and Black Cats

You can decorate your fence with eerie cat figures and rubber bats, so when the moonlight hits them it will give your neighbours and passersby a fright! When you hang the rubber bat toys and the evening wind shakes them, it will surely trick your visitors!

Spider Webs

There are many awesome fence decorations that you can find at your local party wholesale store. To give your fence a creepy look, you can hang spider toys and use web spray all over. Or, hang toy bats to give visitors the heebie jeebies!

Hanging Skeletons

Want to turn your home into an eerie graveyard? You can string fake skeletons along every other post of your fence. You can use plastic human skulls or fake skeletons to hide your entrance gate and make your house seem haunted.

Pumpkin & Bat Spires

Placing Halloween ornaments on top of each fence post is an elegant and simple way to decorate. This type of decoration requires minimal labour and is very easy to clean up. You can use small, real pumpkins, or fake ones, or opt for fake bats, ghosts, or other Halloween decorations. This is a fun and festive way to make your home pop this season.

Use Lights to Exaggerate a Spooky Effect

Lights may seem simple but they have a dramatic effect on the look of your fence and home. You could string fairy lights shaped like jack-o’-lanterns or black cats with an orange background. Or, if you want to go for a more realistic, haunted look, you can artfully place candles and lanterns to cast shadows around your home. As people walk by, they will get chills, wondering if something will pop out of the dark!

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