Stain Greatly Extends the Life of Wood Commercial Fencing

As one of the top providers of wood residential and commercial fencing, Total Fence Inc. provides our customers with a number of fence ideas. In Toronto and the surrounding regions, weather can change on a seemingly hourly basis; that’s why we use only the best stains that will stand up to the elements.

With the winter that the GTA experienced last year, as well as the conditions meteorologists are predicting for this one, you want to know that your commercial fencing will stand up to everything that Mother Nature throws at it this season, not to mention the heavy rain in the spring and heat and humidity during the summer. In addition to fence ideas in Toronto, we also provide our customers with a selection of high-quality wood stains that will greatly extend the life of a wood fence.

In addition to extending the life of your wood fencing, stain can also help your commercial fencing continue looking good. Exposure to the elements will cause your fence to fade over time and UV rays from the sun cause wood to oxidize and fade, making it look grey and worn out. A fresh coat of stain every couple of years is one of the many fence ideas in Toronto we offer to our customers. The appearance of your property, including your fence, can say a lot about you, so you want everything about your business, including the fence, to look its best.

If you come to us for fence ideas in Toronto, we will also provide you with recommendations for the best type of stain you can use for your commercial fencing. You may just require a heavy duty stain, or if your wood fence is just decorative, you may not need a stain that is quite as strong. Whether you’re looking for a transparent or semi-transparent stain, we will make a quality recommendation.

Before we stain your commercial fencing, we will thoroughly clean your fence, as a fence must be completely clear of debris in order for staining to be effective. Most types of wood typically don’t require sanding before staining, but if there are any rough spots, we will also take care of them before we start staining your fence. However, if your fence is made of cedar, we will have to sand your wood before staining it.

We know the importance of using the best professional equipment in addition to providing fence ideas in Toronto; that’s why we only use the best tools for stain and our team of experts know how to best apply it. And once they have completed the project, your commercial fencing will be protected for years.

Having an attractive fence that will stand up to the elements adds value to your property in addition to looking good to your customers and clients. Call Total Fence Inc. for commercial fence staining so your fence is ready to face the weather this winter!


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