What Are the Best Weather-Resistant Deck Materials?

With the harsh winters in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), you want a deck and fence that will survive everything Mother Nature throws at it while also saving you money on potentially costly repairs in the spring.

The fence and deck experts at Total Fence Inc. realize this, and that’s why they build their fences and decks using only the best high-quality wood and building materials, providing service at the best and most affordable rates in the GTA. While their competitors may use materials that aren’t of the same quality, Total Fence Inc. only uses wood that’s guaranteed to last for years with little maintenance.

Even though it’s winter and fence-building season is months away, you can still get an early start by selecting the best wood to stand up to everything winter in the GTA throws at them. Here’s what Total Fence Inc. recommends:

  • Redwood & Western Redcedar: While it may be more expensive, redwood and Western Redcedar stand up to weather and require minimal maintenance. As an added bonus, these types of wood are also lightweight and easy to assemble. Natural tannins and oils also make them resistant to decay.
  • Plastic Decking: If you want an option that’s completely maintenance-free, plastic decking is the way to go. It’s resistant to stains, plus it won’t warp, crack, or splinter. The “downside” is that you’ll have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely and use any related materials, such as fasteners, boards, and trim.
  • Tropical Hardwoods: Often imported from overseas locations such as Africa and Malaysia, this wood is durable and only requires the occasional scrubbing and coat of preservative—surprising, considering that it’s coming from a warm climate. It is also dense and requires that a borehole be drilled before driving in a nail or screw.
  • Mock Lumber: It’s exactly what it sounds like: a plastic polymer or wood polymer composite. It will stand up to weather, bugs, and rot, but the downside is that it’s an imitation of the real thing, something purists may want to avoid.

Ultimately, if you’re having a deck and fence built, you should spend the extra money on quality materials and on having professionals install it. Doing all of this will ensure durability.

The experts at Total Fence Inc. install fences and decks at an affordable rate using the best materials. Having a long-lasting deck will provide years of enjoyment during the spring and summer and will increase the value of your home, should you ever decide to sell it.


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