What Are the Different Types of Picket Fencing?

types of picket fencingWhen thinking about what you want the outside of your home to look like, the possibilities are endless. Landscaping, lawn ornaments, and fences are all ways to enhance the appearance of your lawn. But how do you decide which to choose? We’ve all imagined having a house with a little wooden picket fence, but that vision may not fit into your aesthetic once you actually have a house; fortunately, there are different types of picket fencing and different picket fencing materials to choose from. Keep on reading to learn the difference between the different options and to learn which one is right for you.

What Is a Picket Fence?

A picket fence is a traditional style, produced from wooden pales attached to a rail, and with gaps left between. Any type of picket fence is the perfect option to protect your yard or to mark out boundaries while still allowing light to pass through. Picket fences are a common choice for residential areas and gardens since they blend in so flawlessly and don’t completely obstruct your view—they allow for privacy while still maintaining an appealing aesthetic.

Types of Picket Fences

Wooden Picket Fencing

Wood picket fences are a versatile option that can give your yard a rustic vibe or can be a little more formal if painted. You can achieve mainstream contemporary designs with this type of picket fencing as well—the options are endless.

Vinyl Picket Fencing

You can achieve a similar look to wooden fences when you choose vinyl picket fencing. The main advantage to this type of fencing is the durability and wide array of designs. With a decorative appeal and suitable to all types of front yards and backyards, many vinyl fences also meet IRC pool codes.

Ornamental Picket Fencing

Get all of the perks of a typical fence but with an added flair when you choose an ornamental picket fence. These types of fences can be made out of wood, iron, or a variety of other materials, and they have a more decorative appeal to them. Definitely not as casual as a plain wooden picket fence, ornamental fencing is the ideal option for those looking for something a little extra.

PVC Picket Fencing

PVC picket fences make it incredibly easy to recreate the white picket fence dream! They’re often chosen to create small garden enclosures or as a perimeter or boundary fencing option. This is another versatile option that’s available in a number of different designs.

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