Total Fence Inc., the GTA’s Leading Custom Fence and Deck Installer, Advises How to Protect Fence in the Winter

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), February 20, 2015 – Total Fence Inc. (, the leader in residential, industrial, and commercial fence and deck installation in the Greater Toronto Area, is releasing advice on ways in which home and property owners can protect their wooden fences during the winter.

“This winter, the GTA has seen some harsh weather, and it seems to only be getting worse,” says Tony Defeo, owner of Total Fence Inc. “With multiple extreme weather warnings and days of heavy snowfall, wooden fences could be at risk if they aren’t properly protected.”

Defeo explains that a lot can go wrong with wooden fences, especially during a cold, snowy winter. For instance, moisture can build and posts can become brittle, so knowing ways to protect your wooden fence is important.

“Too much moisture building up on wooden fences will cause mould and mildew, and can even cause the fence to break down,” he adds. “Property owners need to check posts regularly, particularly after heavy snowfalls. Also, they need to drain access water around the posts and remove any debris that may attract moisture.”

Defeo notes that warping is another problem that wooden fences face in the winter. The distinct shift in seasonal weather is one of the triggers of warping, but combating that starts with how the fence is initially installed.

“The best way to prevent warping is having professionals install the fence in the first place,” Defeo concludes. “A solid fence installation will ensure that posts stay straight and stable, even as the weather goes through sharp turns. It’s the same for shifting fences; if the posts aren’t installed deep enough, then it’s possible for them to shift with the change of weather.”

The team at Total Fence Inc. understands the damage winter can cause to wooden fences and makes sure to take all preventative measures when performing installation. For more information or to book an appointment to have a fence built for the spring, visit