Total Fence Inc., the GTA’s Leading Custom Fence and Deck Installer, Announces Continued Offering of Year-Round Fence Installation

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), December 29, 2014 – Total Fence Inc., the leader in residential, industrial, and commercial fence and deck installation in the Greater Toronto Area, is reminding homeowners that the company is still offering year-round fence installation, even during the winter season.

“Winter in the GTA is a time of year when most people rush to get inside, meaning that many homeowners and even commercial property owners put off any work that has to be done outside until spring due to the conditions,” says Tony Defeo, owner of Total Fence Inc. “It’s a normal thought process. The weather is cold and wet and it’s difficult to get traction when you’re standing, so outdoor work is not the easiest thing in the world to do.”

Defeo explains that Total Fence Inc. still performs many fence installations during the winter months despite the cold weather, in spite of the above concerns. This is in part because although it’s not preferred, sometimes work simply can’t be put off, especially when it comes to something like security.

“Commercial building or property owners often use their fences for security purposes, so if the fence becomes compromised, waiting is just not an option for them,” he adds. “However, if homeowners simply have a problem with their fencing or are just looking to get a head start on the spring home makeover, having a fence installed in the winter is not out of the question for them either.”

According to Defeo, the difficulty of installing fences during the winter is in getting the poles to the correct depth so they can be sturdy enough. That’s because if the ground is too cold, sometimes reaching those depths can be tough. That said, Total Fence Inc. has been doing year-round fence installations for years and understands how to ensure the proper depths are reached.

“At Total Fence Inc., we know what we’re doing,” Defeo concludes. “We have the right equipment and our staff is experienced enough to make sure we place all the poles at the right depth. And if it’s not possible on that day, we’ll tell you; we are very open with all of our clients and will tell them upfront that we can’t safely install the fence at that time.”

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