Importance of Professional Installation After Deck Collapse Injures 25

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), March 31, 2014 – Total Fence Inc., the leader in residential, industrial, and commercial fence and deck installation in the Greater Toronto Area, is releasing an expert opinion on why customers need to have their decks installed professionally following a recent case in the United States that saw people injured after a faulty deck collapsed.

“It may be tempting to cut corners and have a family member who is skilled in carpentry install your deck or simply do it yourself, but with the risks that having your deck improperly installed carry, it’s far safer to have a professional do it,” says Tony Defeo, owner of Total Fence Inc.

Defeo cites a recent case in Indiana in the U.S., where several members of a family were injured after their deck collapsed during a Christmas gathering. Twenty-five people were hurt in the collapse with broken bones and neck and spine injuries after the deck fell into a concrete patio. The injured parties are now suing the homeowners association and builders for damages and lost wages. (Sources: “Deck collapse victims sue homeowners group and builder,”, February 25 2014; Bowdan, A., “Video shows New Albany deck collapse at New Albany subdivision,”, February 25, 2014.)

“This is a perfect example of why we recommend that our clients have their deck installed by trained professionals,” he notes. “At Total Fence Inc., we will take the time to ensure that your deck is carefully constructed, secured to the house, and 100% safe for use. If you’re planning to have a lot of gatherings on your deck this summer, knowing that you can have many people on your deck is reassuring.”

When installing a deck, Total Fence Inc. not only makes sure that it is properly secured to the home, but that it also has proper supports. Defeo notes that they employ only the best  fence and deck professionals in the business and follow all industry rules and regulations for installing fences. Total Fence Inc. also uses the best and most durable material to construct decks and fences with—they make their decks to last.

“When it comes to something like having your deck installed, it’s just far safer to hire professionals,” Defeo concludes. “We have years of experience installing decks and know what it takes to construct safe decks that last.”

Total Fence Inc. is the leader in residential, industrial, and commercial fence and deck installation in the Greater Toronto Area. With the technical expertise and experience to handle jobs of any size, from small backyard decks to custom carpentry, pergolas, ornamental iron fences, acoustic sound barrier fencing, and industrial chain link enclosures, Total Fence Inc. provides residents of the GTA and surrounding areas a complete range of affordable fence installation and repair services to suit their personal tastes and needs.

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