Total Fence Inc., the GTA’s Leading Custom Fence and Deck Installer, Urges: Winter Not Too Late to Install Commercial Fencing

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), November 26, 2014 – Total Fence Inc. (, the leader in residential, industrial, and commercial fence and deck installation in the Greater Toronto Area, is reminding all commercial landowners that it is not too late to install any commercial fencing around their property.

“It’s always advisable to install commercial fencing prior to the cold season,” says Tony Defeo, owner of Total Fence Inc. And while there are more issues involved with installing any fencing during the winter, it is still a doable process and landowners should not put off the installation any longer.

“If a commercial landowner needs a new fence to be installed, then they should get it installed right away,” says Defeo. “Yes, they’ve waited longer than the time we would typically advise, but Total Fence is experienced at installing any type of fencing and can certainly adjust to most any weather-related conditions.”

The primary concern centres around being able to properly insert the post deep enough into the ground.

“Once winter comes around and the cold weather hardens the ground, it’s a definitely a task trying to get the hole deep enough into the ground so the fence post is sturdy,” Defeo continues. “But difficult certainly doesn’t mean impossible; we’ve installed plenty of commercial fences during the winter.”

Defeo goes on to say that safety is always at the top of the list for Total Fence and, although they are fully equipped to install fences during the winter, they assure potential clients that they won’t compromise the safety of any of their workers.

“We want to offer our clients the absolute best service at all times, but we won’t do that at the safety of our employees. They work hard and expect that we ensure their safety at all times.”

To learn more about Total Fence and about having commercial fencing done during the winter months or at any time of the year, visit the company’s web site. Total Fence also does residential fencing.