Differences Between Materials Used for Fence Installation

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), April 16, 2014 – Total Fence Inc., the leader in residential, industrial, and commercial fence and deck installation in the Greater Toronto Area, is sharing their expertise on different fence installation materials, their uses, and the benefits of each type.

“When it comes to installing a fence, there is a lot a consumer needs to think about,” says Tony Defeo, owner of Total Fence Inc. “The reason for installing a fence is the first thing that should be considered. Figuring out the reason for installation will then determine what type of fence is best.”

Fences can be installed for several reasons, the most typical one being to segment an area to designate property lines. But according to Defeo, their uses can stretch beyond that. For instance, fence installation can be for something practical, like security purposes, or as a means of privacy, an extension of a home, or an aesthetic part of a landscaping project.

“Once the purpose of the fence installation is decided, there are some inquiries that usually need to be done by the consumer to ensure the fence contractors stay within the assigned boundaries,” Defeo instructs. “A few regulatory inquiries need to be made to the proper authorities regarding the proposed fencing project, and no fencing should be started until they sign off on it.” (Source: Answering Your Questions About Fences,” City of Brampton web site; last accessed April 15, 2014.)

After the logistics are straightened out, Defeo explains that it’s time to pick the material. Wood, of course, is always a popular choice, particularly for privacy fencing, but is also great for classic picket fences and post and rail fences for larger properties He notes that red cedar, spruce, and fir are all good, strong woods to choose as well. (Source: Marchman J, L., “What to Know Before Installing a New Fence,” NewHomeSource.com; last accessed April 15, 2014.)

“For a completely aesthetic feel, there are different materials that offer a more visual appeal,” Defeo adds. “Consider ornamental aluminium and steel fencing, both of which are rust-resistant, relatively inexpensive, and fit excellently with landscaping projects.”

“But if aesthetic appeal is not a concern, then standard chain link fencing is probably the best route,” he concludes. “This is typically reserved for commercial use, but colour-coated finishes are now available, which makes this type of fencing a bit more suitable for homeowners.”

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