Total Fence Inc., the GTA’s Leading Custom Fence and Deck Installer, Reacts to Recent CRA Study on Redwood

Toronto, Canada, May 12, 2015 – Total Fence Inc. (, the leader in residential, industrial, and commercial fence and deck installation in the Greater Toronto Area, is reacting to a new study by the California Redwood Association (CRA) detailing the environmental footprint of redwood.

The CRA study reveals that 75% of respondents feel that their decks should be eco- friendly and 90% think decks should be recycled and reused. (Source: “Decks can be beautiful and sustainable,” The Manila Times web site, April 27, 2015;

“This is the direction many homeowners are heading towards,” says Tony Defeo, owner of Total Fence Inc. “Yes, the study was conducted in the U.S., but we’re seeing many of the same eco-friendly deck building trends occur right here in the GTA.”

While Defeo agrees with parts of the study, he insists that red western cedar is just as eco-friendly and sustainable as redwood.

“The Western Red Cedar Lumber Association did a comparative study between red western cedar and redwood and found that both are essentially equal when it comes to their environmental footprint, along with having benefits in other categories,” adds Defeo.

The study, to which Defeo refers, tested four different categories in the redwood versus cedar research: appearance, environmental impact, longevity, and value. Both types of wood rated consistently in each category.

“The big difference for us at Total Fence Inc. is that red western cedar grows in Canada,” Defeo continues. “Redwoods are a product of Northern California. Being able to have access to local lumber that rates high on the eco-friendly scale like red western cedar does is a huge plus when building decks here in the GTA.”

Defeo says the proximity of red western cedar is one of the factors that lead to lower costs, which is a benefit Total Fence Inc. passes on to homeowners.

“We have to keep cost in mind because it’s important for homeowners. But to be able to provide such high value, and still be environmentally conscious, is a great feeling,” concludes Defeo.

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