Chain Link Fencing for Warehouse Security: Fencing and Gate Solutions

warehouse security fenceWhen thinking of fencing and gate solutions for warehouse security, it’s easy to only think of the exterior of the property. While a chain link fence can do a great job of keeping unwanted trespassers from entering your warehouse, it also has several useful applications within the warehouse itself. Indoor chain link fencing and gates can be an important part of warehouse security and help protect a variety of sensitive areas.

Benefits of Warehouse Security Fences

Indoor fences and barricades are most often constructed using chain link materials. In warehouses, these fences can be used to create secure enclosures around areas or items that would otherwise be left exposed in the open. Warehouses can be immense hubs of activity and proper security can keep people from wandering into dangerous or sensitive locations. For instance, chain link security enclosures can be used to serve as crash barriers or otherwise protect:

  • Data servers or advanced robotics
  • Legal evidence
  • Files or records
  • Chemicals or other hazardous materials
  • Tools cribs
  • Heavy machinery
  • Storage areas
  • …And more!

Our Chain Link Fencing and Gate Solutions for Warehouses in Toronto

Total Fence Inc. is an expert in fence installation, design, and maintenance and offers numerous options for securing your warehouse facility.

Indoor Fencing for Warehouse Internal Security

Our fencing contractors can design and build internal fences that are tailored to your specific needs. For instance, some clients require full-height internal fencing for storage pens or to create small, closed-off sections around controlled items and chemicals. Other clients desire drop-off/pickup enclosures to help organize loading bays. Various materials, mesh filler, and other options can be used to better customize the fence in order to meet both security needs and aesthetic concerns.

Specialist Security Fencing Gates and Barriers

Gates and barriers are an important part of any security fence arrangement. Among the possible forms of gating that can be used are integrated locks, tube clamps, and barrier systems, which can be used to secure locations and provide bulwarks that keep any vehicles such as HGVs or forklifts from inadvertently backing onto bystanders. Other options include top-hung sliding gates and doors that allow quick and easy access to restricted areas and simplify the task of repeatedly moving large cargo in and out. Of course, traditional gate systems are also available.

Contact Our Chain Link Fence Company in Toronto

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