Deck Maintenance and Repair After Harsh Winter

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), April 29, 2014 –Total Fence Inc. (, the leader in residential, industrial, and commercial fence and deck installation in the Greater Toronto Area,is giving advice on maintaining or repairing decks after a harsh winter.

“Most decks today are durable enough to withstand winter weather, but it still takes maintenance to make decks last. In fact, too much moisture buildup can actually split the boards on a deck,” says Tony Defeo, owner of Total Fence Inc. “It’s essential that maintenance to a deck is done immediately after the winter season.”

Defeo explains that the first step to proper maintenance is cleaning all snow and ice from the deck. Most of the snow and ice should melt away, but a thorough cleaning will make sure that there isn’t any residue or stretches of ice still clinging to the deck. In addition, using salt probably isn’t the best idea, as it could potentially harm the wood. (Source: Bloomfield, L., “Repair Winter Damage to Decks,”;, last accessed April 23, 2014.)

“Another important maintenance step is applying a good sealer about once a year to further protect the deck from twisting or splintering due to weather elements like heavy snow. It really helps a lot, as an effective sealer can extend the life of a deck by years,” he adds. “And since it’s only necessary to apply it once every year or so, everyone with a deck should ensure they take this preventative step.” (Source: “Restoring a Weathered and Damaged Deck,” Ron Hazelton web site;, last accessed April 23, 2014.)

“Repairing a deck can be a bit more difficult. Once it’s been severely affected by weather or poor maintenance, it’s much harder to rejuvenate,” Defeo concludes. “Pulling out old nails and straightening the boards is an option, and using screws instead of nails can add sturdiness to the deck. But for decks that are in really bad shape, hiring a professional deck contractor like Total Fence Inc. is probably the best move.”

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