Fencing Tips to Protect Your Home from Burglaries


When many homeowners seek fence installation in Toronto, they are looking for a design that looks beautiful and warm, so their visitors can be amazed by how well it suits their home. However, homeowners also want to choose a fence that protects them during the day and night from intruders. If your priority is to find ways to deter intruders from getting onto your property, here are some helpful fencing tips to keep you and your family safe.

Install a Strong & Secure Fence

The first step in protecting your home and the property around it is to install a secure fence and gate around your home in Toronto or the GTA. Fence installations secure your home by creating a physical barrier between the sidewalk and your property, deterring trespassers from spending time trying to get over your fence; they also block some visibility to your home.

Anti-Climb Fence Topper

One of the most effective climbing deterrents for residential properties is a fence topper. You can have the tops of your fence designed with spikes to prevent anyone from trying to climb over. There are various types of systems including long angled spikes that can be nailed, screwed, or glued to the top of your fence. Professional fence contractors will know the local restrictions on fence height and fence topper use so you do not violate the law.

Planting Thorny Bushes

You can also grow prickly shrubs inside or along your fence to create an undesirable spot for an intruder to land in. There are different kinds of plants you can use for this job, and these include the following:

  • Holly hedge plant: This plant has many thorny leaves, which work as a great deterrent. However, the plant takes a while to grow so you may want to plant it as soon as you install your fence.
  • Berberis red leaf hedge: This plant looks beautiful during the summer when it flowers and has long, sharp thorns to prevent intruders from wanting to climb in.
  • Hawthorn hedge: This plant’s thorns are razor sharp, which makes it a great option to boost the security of your fence.

Get a Proper Fence Installation from the Professionals

Choosing the right features to boost the security of your fence is important to keep you and your family safe. If you want to install a fence to protect your home, our fence company in Toronto can help you. The professionals at Total Fence Inc. are fully licensed and provide high-quality work and techniques for every project. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us with any questions.