Five Surprising Benefits of Picket Fences

When most people imagine a classic neighbourhood, they think about picket fencing. This type of fence can be very welcoming for your home, as it maintains a feeling of openness and comfort between you and your neighbours. Picket fences are easy to install and maintain, which makes them one of[…]

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How to Protect Your Wood Fence from Rotting

total fence wooden fence

Wooden fences are a beautiful way to add curb appeal to your home and create a layer of privacy and security for your family. But changing seasons can cause your wood fencing to rot away, especially at the base where the wood comes in contact with the damp earth. Here are[…]

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Spooky Fence Decoration Ideas for Halloween


Visitor beware… you’re in for a scare! If you are a huge Halloween decoration fan, you can go crazy this season by decorating your fence. Whether you want to focus on autumn décor like pumpkins and lights, or if you want to get creepy with fake blood and bats, there[…]

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How to Storm-Proof Your Wooden Fence

residential wood fence

Living in the GTA means we are often barraged with unpredictable weather. One day it might be warm and sunny, the next day there might be torrential rainfall. Storm-proofing your wooden fence can help you prevent damage and ensure your home’s security during unexpected weather. The following simple steps can[…]

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Tips to Build a Good Neighbour-Friendly Fence

Neighbour-friendly fences

If you want to secure your home and the area around it, building a fence is a great option. However, if your property is close to your neighbour, communicating with them and considering their point of view in your decision can make the process much easier for both of you.[…]

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The Importance of Pool Safety Fences

Pool Safety Fences

Pool safety fences are extremely important as the weather warms up and more people plan to go swimming to stay cool. There are many threats to children and pets near a pool, including their inability to swim, inconsistent adult supervision, slippery surfaces, and toys or small objects that can cause[…]

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Choosing the Best Wood for a Backyard Fence

Best Wood for a Backyard Fence

Building a fence can add value to your home, protect your property from pests, and add tremendous beauty. You’ll end up getting the most out of home improvements like fencing if you understand what goes into selecting the best wood for a backyard fence. Here are a few things you[…]

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